Mobile growth is what we care about

AppDNA is a modern boutique app marketing agency. We have combined the best of both – technology & marketing – to create a complementary team of specialists who understand the needs of the rapidly changing mobile market.

Our Values

Every company has them. They’re usually sound the same from company to company. We’re different. Our values drives our passion to treat every customer, every app, every campaign with highest level of integrity.

Care, Share & Be Fair

We’re thoughtful and helpful to those around us. We’re generous with our knowledge and time. We treat others with respect, and when in doubt we always take the high road.

Build Positive Team Spirit

Business is a team sport. Our positive attitude will help overcome the challenges of building a great company.

Live Passionately

Enthusiasm is contagious. We spread our excitement to those around us.

Focus on Customer Happiness

We all have customers, whether internal or external. We’ll stop at nothing to make them happy and successful.

Real Time Communication

We have open, honest, and timely conversations. We solicit feedback; it will only make us better.

Learn & Celebrate

Sometimes we win, sometimes we learn. Failure is not the opposite of success; it’s on the road to it. Fail fast and improve, and we persevere.

Every day we meet with many great ideas. A good app is not only an idea and its implementation. Good application is mobile business knowledge, appropriate optimization activities and the ability to reach the customer. There is nothing better than watching a great-selling product worth buying.


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AppDNA has already helped many companies achieve their goals. We are constantly increasing the number of satisfied customers.

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We are a partner for many great companies to deliver great solutions and bring value to their business.

Our Mission

At AppDNA, we help innovative enterprises and startups achieve their business goals. We increase the recognition of new products and increase the awareness of brands already present. We gain recognition by increasing sales and demonstrate the ROI increase after our operations. We optimize key business indicators and help better adapt innovation to the markets. We integrate technologies and marketing into one powerful tool for engaging clients and increasing revenues in innovative companies.

We are proud we can work with new and dynamic changing industries implementing innovations. Our goal is simple, we want to bring out the best in your company and team.

What makes us different ?

Full Range Of Services

With AppDNA, your mobile business is in the best hands. Our team of specialists is ready to help you at every stage of the business. From validation of the idea, and modification of the business plan to strategies, user acquisition, advertising campaigns, to optimization and further support.

Driving Results

We provide the most effective service to our clients, increase ROI, automate marketing processes and care for the highest user experience.

Easy & Fast Cooperation Workflow

You describe your problem to us, and our specialists contact you rapidly. We arrange a Skype conversation or a meeting. After determining all the details, we sign an online contract and now you enjoy your constant business growth.

Want to have your app featured on top publications and promoted to millions of visitors? We can make that happen. Our projects were featured in:

We’re here to help you !

Fill out a short brief in which you describe your situation to us. Our specialists will come back to you with a portion of solutions dedicated specifically to your problem. Together, we will conduct the entire process of promotion and your business growth.