We’re AppDNA. We help apps grow.

AppDNA is a Krakow-based mobile app growth consulting agency working with companies to build, optimize and generate more value for our clients’ mobile applications. AppDNA key services: App Store Optimization, AppPR, Search Ads, User Retention & Growth Consulting.

Our Mission

At AppDNA we help forward-thinking app production teams lead innovation at their companies, get recognized as significant contributors to mobile growth, and clearly demonstrate the ROI of their app growth activities.

We take pride in understanding new and dynamically changing mobile app industries of all shapes and sizes. At the end of the day, our goal is simple we want to bring out the best in your company and your team.

Our Focus

Our focus on mobile app growth came by no mistake, but rather a proven track record for helping corporations, startups and mid-size companies stand out from the crowd and build applications that empower their businesses to success in mobile world.

We strive toward excellence and want to become the number 1 go-to consultancy/agency for businesses wanting to grow their mobile apps.

We position ourselves at the premium end of the market – quality and pricewise.