App Growth As a Service

Great apps deserves great growth. Our mobile app marketing experience drives business success. Launch, scale & boost your app with AppDNA.

What Are Problems of Modern Mobile Apps?


of all app was never downloaded


of users, seeing the low rating of the app of a known brand, negatively perceive the entire brand


of all applications achieve business success


Customer proactively engaged with in-app are 4x likelier to continue to use your app 3 months later

Our Approach to Mobile Growth

Thanks to a holistic data-based approach, our application growth program ensures that defined goals are achieved and maximizes user value throughout the user’s lifecycle in the application.

With our growth framework we will take your app to a whole new level.


App Strategy is a key factor for mobile business growth. Business strategy, Launch & Growth, Soft & Hard Launch.


Great app deserves to have high quality users. Combination of organic & paid channels is a key to successful growth. ASO, Search Ads & more.


Meaningful app success requires proper engagement & retention. UX, AppPR, User Activisation, Product, mCRM


App management based on data gives you powerful tool to make great and in-time decisions.

App Strategy

App marketing strategy for your application is required & necessary step to start your mobile business growing.

Why App Strategy is important?

AppDNA helps companies to undertake different challenges, keep up and win in constantly changing mobile market. Having well specified mobile strategy is essential to build business that support your app and other mobile properties. We work closely with you to gather and define all requirements in key areas of your business to boost your app & whole mobile channel.


Identification of new development opportunities in the mobile area


Adjusting the current strategy for the mobile area


Market and competition monitoring

Love Score

Improvement of the “love score” of the application thanks to improved user experience

Our Approach to App Strategy

Good strategy is first and also very important step for every company who wants to succeed in mobile world.

We start from fit-to-market analysis to validate market and create proper business plan. We work closely with our clients to prepare pricing model and do WTP (Willingness to Pay Research).

Our mobile strategy aims to create app as a separate sales channel, develop innovation, and improve love score of your app.

App Store Optimization

Our experienced team is here to take your app growth and App Store Optimization to the next level. AppDNA provides a completely personalized service experience. Our ASO services are aligned to your needs.

Why App Store Optimization is important?

ASO is the process of improving an app’s rank and attractiveness in the app stores to boost organic traffic. It’s a continuous process that must be done through the entire lifetime of mobile apps. The mobile market is constantly shifting and your app growth strategy has to shift with it.


There are over 5 million apps on Apple and Play Store combined.

Store Search

Over 65% of app downloads came from search traffic.

Organic Traffic

Organic traffic brings a continuous flow of new user and boosts retention rate, both necessary for growth.


ASO brings users with higher LTV and it can lower your CPI.

Our Approach to ASO

We combine our AI-powered ASO approach with 7 years of app marketing experience to provide you with the best growth results.

We work on a 1-on-1 basis to determine specific needs, challenges and deliver actionable solutions. 

We prioritize transparent communication and the building of strong client relationships to ensure that we are always moving forward towards our clients’ goals.

Search Ads & UA

Squeeze more from your mobile app ads! Work with our experienced acquisition team. We’ll analyze your paid UA situation. Then we will identify advantages and strong points to implement the best strategy to build rapid app growth.

Why Do You need Search Ads?

More Value

Don’t waste your budget on under-performing keywords. Our Team will re-allocate budgets to relevant keywords that deliver high-quality users for your mobile app.

Brand Protection

Don’t let your competitors profit from your brand. AppDNA team will identify who is running ads on your app name and take action to protect your brand.

Big Data

We use millions data points to ensure that your app get the most out of app ads.

Our Approach to Search Ads & UA

We combine our AI-powered approach with 7 years of app marketing experience to maximize ROAS.

We work based on tested frameworks so results are guaranteed.

We divided Search Ads services into 4 steps: Audit, Optimization, Testing & Growth to clearly work with our partners and communicate value on each stage of the process.


Build a lasting relationship with your users and ensure a high position in the rankings. It’s no secret that high ratings and reviews lead to more downloads. The opinion of other customers has a much greater impact on the purchase decision for the average user than any marketing texts.

Why AppPR is important?

AppPR is the process of improving ratings, reviews, user communication and user experience of mobile application.
It’s a continuous process that must be done through the entire lifetime of mobile apps.


Turn The “Silent Majority” into 5-star repeat users driving revenue for your app


Show the world that your app is awesome and users love it.

Organic Traffic

Drive even more downloads with high engaged users.


Care about your users and make them feel comfortable.

Our Approach to AppPR

There are many good practices that contribute to successful and profitable communication with mobile users. It is worth to remember that the mobile world has completely different rules and classic PR practices may not work here.

Effective communication, composure, a consistent language, the use of necessary tools, a thorough knowledge of your recipient and constant evaluation of relationship with them are just some of the elements that make up a coherent AppPR strategy, thanks to which your application can stand out from millions of others, and customer satisfaction will convert into number of downloads and in-app purchases.

Retention Optimization

App Growth & success largely depends on proper retention and user engagement. Don’t waste your efforts and budget on acquisition if you don’t have good retention strategy.

Why Retention is important?

User retention is about keeping people coming back to your app. Acquisition strategies like ASO, Search Ads can bring new users to your app. But at the end of the day you need to convert them into engaged, active and profitable in a long term. Here Retention comes up.

Long-term Growth

Great retention will give your app millions of returning and happy users.

ROI Improvement

Better retentions means more users & revenue for less money.

Revenue & Profit

The longer you keep user in your app, the more valuable they are to your business.

Get more from Acquisition

More and high quality users for less money.

Our Approach to Retention

Mobile app retention continues to plague app marketing teams, with the large majority of users abandoning applications within the first month of download.

Our Retention Optimization services will increase your Daily Active Users, UX, Revenue. Your app won’t stay in First Impression zone. Our Strategy will help your app stand out and bring money to your business.