App Strategy

App marketing strategy for your application is required & necessary step to start your mobile business growing.

Why App Strategy is important?

AppDNA helps companies to undertake different challenges, keep up and win in constantly changing mobile market. Having well specified mobile strategy is essential to build business that support your app and other mobile properties. We work closely with you to gather and define all requirements in key areas of your business to boost your app & whole mobile channel.


Identification of new development opportunities in the mobile area


Adjusting the current strategy for the mobile area


Market and competition monitoring

Love Score

Improvement of the “love score” of the application thanks to improved user experience

Our Approach to App Strategy

Good strategy is first and also very important step for every company who wants to succeed in mobile world.

We start from fit-to-market analysis to validate market and create proper business plan. We work closely with our clients to prepare pricing model and do WTP (Willingness to Pay Research).

Our mobile strategy aims to create app as a separate sales channel, develop innovation, and improve love score of your app.