Do you know everything about clients of your mobile application?

The accurate statement is that if the mobile application is a body, then clients are its breath. I will try to answer in this part of the blog about whether it is worth to put more effort getting know your app users.

Analysis of the target group – persona buyer

Analyzing needs of the client and the target group is one of the basic stages of creating a mobile application. When defining a target group for an application, it is worth considering using various sources of information such as:

  1. surveys and interviews
  2. data from reports
  3. analytical tools
  4. data commonly available on the internet
  5. trends
  6. App Intelligence tools

Using the above, we can define and improve access to the group of recipients. It allows us to specify:

– platforms and devices that the application is supposed to support

– the way in which the user will use the application

– determine the problem that the application should solve

– designate communication channels necessary to promote the application

Using above activities allows you to precisely define the buyer persona – the desired user of the mobile application.

How to start?

Let’s start with the simplest analysis of statistical data. These data are available on the network, so our assumptions can be compared with reality.

Direct contact – questionnaire. If we want to investigate a problem that requires direct contact with a potential recipient, the survey will work perfectly. It is also a good solution for researching issues that were not researched, for example in the case of innovative products and services.

Analytical tools, e.g. Google Analytics. This way of gathering information will allow us to reach information that has not been available so far. However, using analytical methods in the context of your business requires their prior implementation. If the tests are carried out on your own data, they are obviously the most accurate. Let’s remember data analysis and Big Data, because in today’s world their analysis is required to create a competitive advantage in innovative markets.

Trends and data from the Internet – the Internet in the case of many areas of business and obtaining information is a mine of knowledge. Well-structured research can not do without obtaining information from social media and Google search engine. With their help, we can reach people and data that will help us in implementing innovative solutions for our business.

App Intelligence tools – analytical tools that most accurately are able to visualize the behavior and preferences of application users. Tools such as App Annie or Sensor Tower are perfect for building advantages and analyzing clients of our application.

Creating a persona buyer in the context of the Mobile Application

When we have information about our potential application clients, we can go to the exact definition of buyer persona.

First of all – you should designate the most desired client application (person standing at the head of the entire target group). It sets us the direction of all activities in terms of the functionality of the application and what can be found in it.

Secondly – when determining the buyer, it is worth determining demographic data such as gender, age, location, etc.

Thirdly – determine how our mobile application can help the user, that is, determine why it should really use it. It is also worth taking into account the interest of the appointed buyer persona to help him deepen it.

All the above information help determine the direction of application development. It is also obvious that you can not define a buyer persona once and for all – it is an action that requires systematic supervision along with the development of a mobile application.

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