In this article I will describe how to start working with app marketing agency and what things you should pay attention to be prepared for cooperation.

Stage 1. Initial consultation

The first touch point is an informal, open session where clients can pick our brains on mobile app marketing, our experience and our recommendations. We, in turn, ask questions to understand what our client’s needs are and whether we are a good fit.

Stage 2. Setting up goals

We use our client’s KPIs to inform our marketing execution and to define our criteria for success, whether it’s maximizing installs at a certain CPI, attaining 100%+ ROAS (return on ad spend), or another KPI.

Stage 3. Developing a proposal

After the initial consultation and once we learn our client’s goals, we create a specific set of recommendations and an execution plan designed to accomplish those goals, and then review the proposal with our clients, answering any questions they have along the way.

Stage 4. Ideas and Brainstorming

Once we officially begin working with our clients, we ask for:

  • their most relevant competitors,
  • details on their target market,
  • information on what marketing activities have worked or not worked in the past,
  • creative or copy inputs,
  • relevant keywords,
  • anything else that will help us move from optimizing to performing faster.

Stage 5. Strategy buildout

We perform the research, set up the creatives, build out the targeting and campaigns, and start the A/B tests as called for from the agreed-upon plan.

Stage 6. Execution!

When we turn the marketing live, we constantly review to make sure things are working well, and if not we make adjustments.

Stage 7. Developing the reporting rhythm

We create a transparent document for our clients to see what changes we are making and to analyze our performance using cohort-based analysis, with our client’s KPI as the focus.

Stage 8. Optimization

The largest part of our work is ongoing reporting, analysis, research, buildout and execution (in a word: optimization), all focused on our client’s goals and delivering results against their KPI.

Stage 9. And of course, meetings with clients

We recommend a weekly meetings, though for some clients we hold email or Slack-based digital check-ins. We mold to our client’s communication style and preferences.

Kickoff & onboarding process

The best way for an agency to fully know the specificity of your business is to invite it to the headquarters of your company. Book yourself a whole day to implement it in detail in the functioning of your business – in the long run, you’ll be worth it! Before the agency arrives, please send an agenda to the guardian of your company on behalf of the agency. Thanks to this, both sides will be aware of what the main purpose of the meeting and its structure are.

At the meeting, do not save your time to introduce the agency into your business, and present the company’s key employees. Give people space to get to know each other – thanks to which their later cooperation will be much more efficient. Invest in your onboarding and project kickoff process your time and heart – your business will thank you for it!


Determine the procedure of operation in a situation where the goal will not be implemented and checkpoints


Contracts and arrangements are for bad times. Almost certainly, such will come and it is worth being ready for it. Together with the agency, determine what errors and losses you are able to forgive, understanding that you can not avoid them completely, and what are the categorical sign for you that it is time to say goodbye. Remember, however, that there is nothing wrong with making mistakes (only those who do nothing!) Do not commit them, but it is wrong to reproduce them. Set their boundaries and time when they can be committed, for example at the very beginning, when testing different solutions.

This will help you avoid mutual grievances and claims even in the case when, unfortunately, the cooperation turns out to be unsuccessful, and you as a client will protect you from the need to continue cooperation “on the strength.”


Let Agency Work !


I am referring here mainly to the time needed by the agency to start a new cooperation. Remember also to treat the agency in the same way as you would like to be treated in terms of payment, communication, etc. The agency is also a people so that you can work with her with understanding and respect. In the end, you both have the same goal – the spectacular success of your application.

Tips for companies that want to work with mobile app marketing agencies:

  1. Check the agency’s blog/resources for relevancy and freshness.
  2. Make sure you give the agency enough information to do their job (e.g. goals, what’s worked, your branding guidelines, your business model, your target market, etc.).
  3. Understand that results will not happen overnight – agencies need time to implement their work, especially if the need is to turn around poor performance.
  4. Unless you have set the expectations for low engagement, be involved with your agency after signing them on. Consistent communication is great for helping to avoid miscommunications and keep both parties on the right track.

So what, it looks like you already know everything right? It is now time to use the knowledge gained in practice! Contact us and based on our and your newly acquired knowledge, we will certainly carry out a campaign of your mobile app that will outshine your competitors.

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