Soft Launch Campaign – How to reach the market with your application

Do you already have a mobile application, but you do not know what steps have to take to promote it? Do you want to introduce your application to the global market, but you do not know from which country to start or what sources use to meet the requirements and challenges to the market? In this blog I will show you how to prepare a Soft Launch campaign and what is important before implementing it.

Soft Launch

It is a campaign to implement the application on the test market, which aims to test and collect feedback on its stability, retention of users and monetization before global launch.

The Soft Launch campaign has its advantages and disadvantages, which I will present and explain.

The advantages of the Soft Launch campaign

First of all, this campaign allows you to monitor the performance of the application. The results obtained can be confronted with the KPIs (which I will tell you about in a moment).

It also allows you to optimize key functionalities – compile them and draw conclusions about their usefulness. It is important to measure the correct metrics using incoming testing data to help the app catch the wind in its sails.

How to choose the right KPI?

Effective Key Performance Indicators should have specific features.

They must influence the development of business, specifically the development of applications. If the selected metric does not significantly affect the application, it is not a good indicator.

As for the mobile application, you should pay attention to indicators related to:

  1. Users’ retention
  2. Download number
  3. App usage time
  4. Used features in the application

In the case of mobile applications, the selection of the right KPI’s depends on the type of business. However, there are universal indicators that you must remember – We are writing about them here.

Disadvantages of the Soft Launch campaign

The implementation of each type of campaign is time-consuming. Of course, sometimes we manage to achieve results faster than we expected, but in the case of soft launch campaigns requires a specific research to be able to select the right test markets of the application. Therefore, measuring KPI also takes us a lot of time, because we know the behavior of users, we define what is the strength of the application, we learn what we can give up and then we can improve.

Starting this type of campaign involves risk. I mean the presence of competition that closely observes the market. If your competition notices the value of your application, They will be able to complicate your plans for expansion on the target market.

As you can see, the success of this campaign depends on many factors. It requires a good research and then help to define key KPIs for the application. It is time-consuming and its result allows applications to enter your target market with impetus and specific experience from the test market.

The question of whether it is worth carrying out such a campaign in the case of your application will be answered by our specialists who will help you advise whether a soft launch in your case is a good solution.

Target groups

Since you already know what is the soft launch campaign, let’s think about what you should do before launching it. After all, you can not even launch the test market of the application before any conclusions, right?

The success of the application is possible, among other things, thanks to a well-determined buyer persona, which is an ideal user of the application that would meet all our expectations.

When introducing a mobile application to the market, we must take into account demographic data, cultural similarities, cities to which we can direct the campaign, and even the earnings of defined target groups. It should also pay attention to the languages in the regions to which we want to target our application. This may be related to the fact that we will not have to translate our application into many languages both in the App Store and Google Play – ASO / Localizing or the application itself.

What to do during the soft launch campaign

When you start to understand the behavior of application users and start measuring KPIs, which will turn out into important ones, you will also start to pay more attention to the costs associated to installations, its promotion and maintaining a high ranking position. How to take care of it?


App Store Optimization is an activity involving a continuous analysis of search results of applications on dedicated websites with mobile application stores.

The ASO helps to improve the entered keywords by potential users of the application, thanks to which the mobile application will appear in a higher position and page relative to those of the competitors. To check your how good is your ASO you can read about ASO Audit on our blog.

App marketing funnel

With the Marketing App funnel available, you can understand what really brings your customers closer to the mobile application.

When collecting data about test market clients during the soft launch campaign, you can also pay attention to the UX application itself.

Is he well prepared enough to convince users to stay with your application? This is also a good time to detect potential application bugs and their possible improvement.

Social Media

Do not forget about social media presence! This is where application users usually stay outside of it. Write, share, comment, and lead discussions – let users be interested and listen to what they have to say in terms of the application and its specific functionalities.

The word of completion

Soft Launch of a mobile application in the form of tests described in this material, can meet the assumptions for companies implementing just the application and for those who are in the process of improving it.

I agree, the soft launch campaign is not for everyone. There are some situations when the soft launch will not be necessary, due to the choice of a different type of campaign, eg Hard Launch, about which I will tell in another part of this blog.