Build a lasting relationship with your users and ensure a high position in the rankings.

It’s no secret that high ratings and reviews lead to more downloads. Users derive knowledge from each other. The opinion of other customers has a much greater impact on the purchase decision for the average user than any marketing texts. It has been shown that the application name, application icon and user ratings are the most important factors affecting potential customers on your application’s page. But it is not everything. Ratings and reviews play a huge role in the store algorithm. The more people like and willingly use your application, the higher your rankings will be.

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It’s a must to implement AppPR strategy to your app.

There are many good practices that contribute to successful and profitable communication with mobile users. It is worth to remember that the mobile world has completely different rules and classic PR practices may not work here. Effective communication, composure, a consistent language, the use of necessary tools, a thorough knowledge of your recipient and constant evaluation of relationship with them are just some of the elements that make up a coherent AppPR strategy, thanks to which your application can stand out from millions of others, and customer satisfaction will convert into number of downloads and in-app purchases.


High position in the rankings

Reach the top of the App Store with great reviews. Gain the highest discoverability and exposure.

Brand awareness

Build brand awareness through your customers’ satisfaction

Satisfied customers

Do not waste time convincing that you are the best, positive opinions will do it for you.

Natural refferal system

Let the users be your brand ambassadors

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