Strategy & Research

App marketing strategy for your application is required & necessary step to start your mobile business growing.

AppDNA helps companies to undertake different challenges, keep up and win in constantly changing mobile market. Having well specified mobile strategy is essential to build business that support your app and other mobile properties. We work closely with you to gather and define all requirements in key areas of your business to boost your app & whole mobile channel.

App Strategy Services

Customer journey mapping

Market Research

Acquisition strategy

Opportunity evaluation

Launch / Go-to-market strategy

Competitive analysis

Audience analysis

Industry news & market analysis

Mobile Growth Audit

It’s always the first step of successful App Campaign. We’ll analyze your industry & product, conducting research using our sources and your data. Using our App Growth framework, We’ll analyze acquisition, engagement & retention, monetization to find biggest opportunities for growth. Mobile Growth Audit typically lasts for about 2-4 weeks. Last couple of days we work onsite with a client.

Technologies & Goals

We’ll help you select proper technologies in areas such as tracking, analytics, messaging and other. Then our Acquisition specialists help you adjust proper KPI’s like LTV, churn rate, organic uplift, all you need to see your app growth.


Building proper Retention strategy will keep your users engaged and returning back to your app. Retention will also help you to be closer to your users and make them feel appreciated using your app. This step is crucial when we speak about increasing revenue and monetization.



Align and measure only KPI’s that are really important to your specific situation.


Solve biggest app-business-related problems easily.


Learn from application business experts.


Focus only on what is important to you. No more wasting time and money developing apps.


Clearly defined goals, value proposition and audience of your app.


Well-prepared mobile app strategy to engage users and accomplish business goals.

Do you need app strategy?

Fill out a short brief in which you describe your situation to us. Our specialists will come back to you with a portion of solutions dedicated specifically to your problem. Together, we will conduct the entire process of promotion and your business growth.