User Acquisition

Using Technology & Media to reach and engage your target audience

Winning people’s attention in the digital age requires more than clever slogans or fancy campaigns. We will surpass your KPIs with method that combines strong brand awareness and performance marketing. Whether or not you have an app, with our extensive experience and tools, we know exactly how to maximize your budget and deliver high-quality app users.

User Acquisition Services

Planning / Competitive Research

Bid Management & Optimization

Testing & Measurement Frameworks

Campaign Measurement & Reporting

Beta Testing Products

Copy & Creative Production

Fraud Detection & Reporting


Research say that 25% of users that download apps will use them – We have it covered. Our experts know what is needed to keep them coming back.

Burst Campaigns

To reach the top of the app store, application need to be downloaded huge amount times a day. Burst Campaign will rapidly get your app to the top of app store. It will help you increase discoverability and visibility of your application. It will lead to organic download increase.

Targeting is a past – HYPER TARGETING is a future

We nurture your audience and their behavior to create unique user experience and personalization level of advertising that make your campaign extremely effective.



Executing hyper-targeted campaigns will create right message when they need it.


Significantly increase of user base very quickly.


Generate customers that needs your product to make their life easier.


Keep your budget in a good shape


Build brand awareness of your business with high exposure.


Attract the most relevant users that engage better with your app and bring more revenue to your business

Do you need User Acquisition for your app?

Fill out a short brief in which you describe your situation to us. Our specialists will come back to you with a portion of solutions dedicated specifically to your problem. Together, we will conduct the entire process of promotion and your business growth.