AppDNA – your Boutique App Marketing & Software Agency. We successfully integrate marketing, technology and creative approach to help you engage your clients better and increase your revenue.

App Strategy
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At AppDNA We support our clients in the modern marketing app activities, to make their mobile business grow and bring more revenue.

We help comprehensively roll out applications to local and foreign markets. We generate installations, take care of users, reduce costs of customer acquisition, optimize campaigns and sales processes so that they bring the best results.

We analyze the competition, generate installations and care for the long-term interest of users, we advertise your business in advertising networks, optimize business models, select the best tools for mobile games promotion. We work with influencers to get quicker and better results.

We reach potential clients, we educate the target group by selecting the best marketing activities for your service/product and change them into paying customers with low acquisition cost and churn rate.

Our process

You need a new approach to effective attention generation, gaining customer loyalty and proving the value of your marketing investment. We are the best at this.

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